Oppo/Nuforce 93 CD/DVDplayer: That good or hype?

I have been recommneded the Oppo 93 as a viable and major upgrade to my Rega Apollo. Yesterday, in checking the NuForce website about their CDP-8 player, I discovered that they offer an upgraded version of the Oppo 93 (special edition) universal player for $899.00. I have read testimonials on the AG site and other blogs that this OPPO player and the OPPO 95 "Extreme Edition" marketed by NuForce rivals which supposedly CD players costing from $2500-$12,000. Keeping in mind the OPPOs incorporate a high quality Blu-Ray DVD player....so X amount of dollars were channeled into video design and performance

I am suspicious of these "claims", but don't want to go through the process of buy, try, and (maybe) return. I can't imagine that the two indicated OPPO's players are going to outperform the Ayre CX-7mp, an ARC CD7, Rega Isis, etc.

It is also annoying that OPPO by itself or in conjunction with NuForce does not offer just a CD player that plays Redbook, SACD, HMCD, or the latest CD format. Some audiophiles don't give a crap about Blu Ray Video, Home theater, or computer audio, Flac, MP or Sky Cloud music servers or files Therefore, I humbly ask to hear some pros and cons from members about the above cited OPPO CD players, and why they are so highly praised. Thank you

I own the Oppo 93 outright and not the Nuforce upgraded version. I am extremely HAPPY with my unit. It plays all my SACD, HDCD, DVD-A and Redbooks with greatness. The $500 price tag was well worth the look and I have never considered anything else. I do use mine as an intergration with my Home Theater, but its main purpose is music and occaisional Pandora streaming.
When you press the "home" button on your Oppo 93 remote you will get a number of icons.One of which is Pandora and i can report the audio is really good.The audio on the dvd is amazing and the sound on the cd-sacd is almost as good.This unit could easily pass a "blindfold" test on a much higher unit.This is all on the Nu Force Extreme edition which i purchased from audio adviser with free shipping-1,399.00 i think it was.Blu-Ray picture is superb.For ease of use and versatility this is a real winner.You get some major league audio quality for a minor league price and i have heard some pricey cd players that sound about the same.Never ran any computer audio other than Pandora.FYI my first unit shipped had some glitches and was replaced asap from AA with nary a bat of an eye.Second unit was up and streaming like a champ.
I have an Extreme Eddition Oppo 95 and it does sound very good how ever two of my good friend's lent me one ARC CD 7 and an ARC CD 8 and it is very apparent that the ARC players are in a different league. I have logged lots of ear time on alll three over the last 3 weeks. The CD 7 is far superior than the Extreme Oppo and the CD 8 is even than CD 7 by a big margin. The Oppo is a great player that being said be weary of rave reviews and hype. Is the Oppo worth the money? Absolutely it is a bargain but it ain't no ARC