Oppo UDP-203 or 205 reviewed in TAS Jan 2018 Issue?

For those of you who subscribe to The Absolute Sound, did you get a chance to read the Jan 2018 issue (page 61) on the Oppo UDP-203 Disc Player of the Year?  They list the UDP-203 at $1,295.00 instead of $549.00 suggested retail.  Also the first paragraph references the older UDP-105 which was really a BDP-105 (not a UDP) and that the UDP-203 is the replacement model for the 105.  Are they reviewing the UDP-203 or the UDP-205 as Disc Player of the Year?  Misleading and confusing.  Facts not accurate.  
I’m no expert, but that product description in Absolute Sound is clearly a mistake. I’m sure they’ll get letters on it. The UDP-203 replaces the UDP-103, and the UDP-205 replaces the UDP-105. Prices are $549 and $1299, respectively. You can read about both in the November issue of Stereophile (page 33). Both magazines gave the Oppo units good reviews, which they deserve.
Yep, must have been a mistake, and the funny thing was they must have clearly communicated to OPPO that it was the 203, because OPPO's full page ad for the 203 in the same issue marks it as the award winner...
I love Oppo products, and their customer support is amazing. I have had a BDP-93 since 2011. But I wish they would upgrade to gapless file playback. It killed the Sonica DAC for me, which otherwise, does everything I am looking for in streaming DAC. And it would be nice to see S’phile or TAS review the Sonica (unless they did and I missed it).