Oppo UDP-205 MQA Confusion

I read that the 205 now supports MQA as long as it shows up as a "media file",
e.g. via a USB thumb drive or CD. This confuses me. How can an MQA file show up
as a "file"?  It's streamed. My intent is to use Tidal, via my iMAC to stream MQA
to the 205. (I don't own one yet). Will the 205 unfold Tidal Master files or not?

Sorry for my ignorance,

The offers are rolling out from OPPO right now, I got mine paid for yesterday,many others are getting their offer too.
Hang tight!
Received my 205 yesterday and upgraded the USB input to MQA capability today as indicated in anwar’s link above. I use Audirvana and it indicates MQA is being decoded by the Oppo. Nice that Oppo is offering the capability.
You need USB DAC firmware USB-0118 to decode MQA. My 205 came with the USB DAC firmware USB-0112. To get to USB-0118 I needed to upgrade to USB-0115 first. I then updated to the USB-0118 firmware.
I also needed to close Audirvana and reopen it for it to detect the new MQA capability. Very pleased with the sound quality. I’ve been using Audirvana a few years and can’t be happier with it.
Junzhang10: I’m streaming MQA from Tidal through Audirvana into the Oppo UDP-205 USB DAC input. Oppo just offered that capability. You just need to go through the DAC firmware upgrade as indicated above. The capability to play media files has been available for a while, USB DAC capability is recent. Playing Pete Townsend’s Rough Mix MQA album via Tidal now and it sounds great.