Oppo UHP 205 Universal Player

Hello.  Have an opportunity to purchase a mint condition Oppo 205 universal player for $2,500.  I'm heavily into multi-channel SACD and Blu-Ray music playback.  Seem like a reasonable deal?  Any other suggestions?

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Spending 2x what a product sold for new when the company is no longer in the business is patently insane.  Find something else. 

The Oppo thing is crazy! I was just catching up with a friend today who mentioned he still has one- still in the outer shipping box that has never been opened. I told him to sell it as people will gladly pay twice what he paid- especially for one that has never been used. Absolutely crazy!

I have an Oppo UDP-205, in the 4 years I have owned it, performance has been flawless. Blu-ray and 4k UHD disc playback is about as good as it gets IMHO. Same goes for multi channel audio.

I have a 205 that I’ve been using since I bought it new when they first came out. It’s pretty great with a few upgrades that I performed a couple of years ago. Is it worth $2500….? I guess it depends. I heard a little while ago that OPPO is actually still doing repairs.

I have the 105 and the 203.  I bought the 203 when Oppo announced they were discontinuing making players, as a hedge against anything happening to the 105 (I use the 105 asa transport into a Bryston DAC 3, with HDMI for SACD/Blu Ray/DVD-A).  The 203 sits in a second system and doesn’t get a lot of use.  In fact it has primarily been used as a streamer, since the Bluesound Node in that system died, for a while I was using the 203 in that system to play files from my NAS.  The Oppos will also play music from Data Discs, of which I have several.  Both machines have been near flawless