Oppo UHP 205 Universal Player

Hello.  Have an opportunity to purchase a mint condition Oppo 205 universal player for $2,500.  I'm heavily into multi-channel SACD and Blu-Ray music playback.  Seem like a reasonable deal?  Any other suggestions?

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I have an Oppo UDP-205, in the 4 years I have owned it, performance has been flawless. Blu-ray and 4k UHD disc playback is about as good as it gets IMHO. Same goes for multi channel audio.

I have a 205 that I’ve been using since I bought it new when they first came out. It’s pretty great with a few upgrades that I performed a couple of years ago. Is it worth $2500….? I guess it depends. I heard a little while ago that OPPO is actually still doing repairs.

I have the 105 and the 203.  I bought the 203 when Oppo announced they were discontinuing making players, as a hedge against anything happening to the 105 (I use the 105 asa transport into a Bryston DAC 3, with HDMI for SACD/Blu Ray/DVD-A).  The 203 sits in a second system and doesn’t get a lot of use.  In fact it has primarily been used as a streamer, since the Bluesound Node in that system died, for a while I was using the 203 in that system to play files from my NAS.  The Oppos will also play music from Data Discs, of which I have several.  Both machines have been near flawless 

Yes, The Magnetar UDP 900 is even better than the Oppo and it does 4K. The UDP 800 Is about the same as the Oppo 205 at $1300!! Much more reasonable than a used Oppo and it also does 4K