Opportunity to buy Demo Magico M2?

A dealer called me with an offer to sell their demo Magico M2’s at a massive discount. I was recently in their shop and tested the A5’s with my Gryphon Diablo 300, and I found the bass to be lacking with the A5’s. I think this was likely due to the fact that they had less than 250 hours on them.

My room, while not massive, is on the larger side. Vaulted ceilings that rises to 14 feet at the peak, about 26ft front to back, and open on the sides (house is open concept). There is a large and tall island that separates out the listening area.

Considering my room size, and considering my not so great experience with the A5’s, should I bother lugging my amp into the shop to test the M2’s? I have to travel a ways so it’s a bit of a commitment. But the discount they are offering is about $25k off. And they said it would include the M-Pods.  Thoughts?



I’m sure you are going to love the 802s. I heard the 800 d3 at listen up and they sounded really good. Congratulations! 


@nyev Magico A5 after your B&Ws is a totally different sound and I expected you would not be a fan and like the Wilsons better (I owned B&Ws and liked their sound a lot and appreciated how engaging they were).

One important note about Wilson speakers - the placement is critical (same with other speakers you might argue but with the Wilsons it is a bit more so) . They’re not forgiving of untreated / very lively rooms and or less than optimal placement. You need to work to get them to sound the way you like but good news is it is possible. What you mentioned, thinness in mid bass, that could be if they’re spread a bit too far apart. Moving them closer together would put a bit more meat around the bone there. They’re detailed and very revealing but not harsh. It takes time but once you dial them in they’ll reward you with amazing sound.
Your alternative choice is pretty solid though. Good luck and enjoy the journey!

just a technical note on the "burning" of speakers - it's not just the speakers themselves, but also the components of the crossovers. I built the speakers myself with relatively uncompromising crossoverss, including Jantzen WAX coil huge reels, the sound stabilized after about 4 months of intense playing.

I find this to be an insanely self indulgent status question.

You don’t like them, but you are willing to fool around with 10s of thousands of $$$s over them?

Give me a break.

Since upgrading my system, my status in life HAS increased and everyone wants to be my friend now! I am self indulging with some Radiohead right at this instant.  Nigel Godrich’s production is a miracle on my system…  

802 D2 speakers should arrive in 3-ish weeks or so!  Can’t wait for more status and self-indulging!