Optical Conversion Not Working, Please Help

Like the title says I’m having some trouble with my optical setup. I just got the last gadgets last night and hooked everything up this morning. I’m not sure where I’ve gone wrong and hoping to find some guidance. Here are the items I ordered. 






I’m using Audioquest Cinnamon Ethernet cable on each side. This was a used purchase so I don’t know for certain if they work or not.  

The converter on the router sides light indicators have the 1000m, TP, and power lit up. The TP light is solid not flashing. The manual states network connecting for solid and data transmitting for a flashing light. The converter on the r26 side shows the same thing except the 100m light is lit instead of the 1000m. 

It seems that my optical connection is where the problem is. I’m just not sure if I ordered incompatible items or if maybe one of them is faulty. I guess there’s the possibility that I hooked things up wrong but it seems pretty straightforward in that regard. Hopefully you guys can get me straightened out. I was really juiced to hook everything up this morning and hear what the fuss was about, but then nothing.






I can't really figure out what he is trying to do... not sure why he isn't plugging the ethernet cable into the modem and the modem into the computer. There are multiple programs you can work with directly on your computer once they get there that should do whatever it is he wants to do and unless I missed something, a lot simpler.

Back up first and be sure everything works in copper. Any old dirt cheap CAT-5 cable will do.  Actually it will do as well as any snake oil "audio Ethernet" cable.  Ethernet and TCP guarantee every bit is right. Everything is buffered so no magic timing differences.  

Then test/listen to the system and see if you have a problem in the first place before you add band-aids for problem that does not exist or think you can magically get sonic improvements. You won't within the laws of physics in this universe.  I know, some here seem to be in another universe with different laws where the IP stack is analog. 

Optical transceivers should be totally transparent to the computer/router/switch etc ports.  They just convert bits to bits and do nothing to the protocol, unless newer venders have found ways to screw things up.  The transceivers we used were st connections for multimode fiber and did 1G E. I can't remember the brand but they were cheap and reliable. Grey box.  Multimode and single mode fiber are not interchangeable. 

I do not understand why an "active" optical cable and also list transceivers. You  should just need an SPF cable. 

@tvrgeek Why do folks do this? You are confusing the OP even more with your, yadda, yadda, yadda. He asked for an answer of a specific question he did not ask for a dissertation on Internet Protocols and Data Packs. 

If you do not have an answer put a sock in it.  Start call you fredrik222 junior.

OP your Finisar transceiver is the issue as it is 10G,  the 10Gtek is not 10G compatible (has nothing to do with Cisco or Finisar.) You need to get a 10G compatible Media Converter Bridge to use this transceivers you purchased.