Optical Conversion Not Working, Please Help

Like the title says I’m having some trouble with my optical setup. I just got the last gadgets last night and hooked everything up this morning. I’m not sure where I’ve gone wrong and hoping to find some guidance. Here are the items I ordered. 






I’m using Audioquest Cinnamon Ethernet cable on each side. This was a used purchase so I don’t know for certain if they work or not.  

The converter on the router sides light indicators have the 1000m, TP, and power lit up. The TP light is solid not flashing. The manual states network connecting for solid and data transmitting for a flashing light. The converter on the r26 side shows the same thing except the 100m light is lit instead of the 1000m. 

It seems that my optical connection is where the problem is. I’m just not sure if I ordered incompatible items or if maybe one of them is faulty. I guess there’s the possibility that I hooked things up wrong but it seems pretty straightforward in that regard. Hopefully you guys can get me straightened out. I was really juiced to hook everything up this morning and hear what the fuss was about, but then nothing.






OP, did you get the right cable? This is the one that goes with that unit:

FLYPROFiber LC to LC Fiber Patch Cable OM3 0.5M, Length Options: 0.2m-200m, 10GB Multimode Duplex LC-LC 50/125um Fiber Optic





@kota1  - "Why would I want to BUY multiple sources, dacs, and preamps today that will be boat anchors within five years?"

What hi-end manufacturers  are you seeing divorcing themselves from 2 channel audio that this is going to be the case?  

Why would I want to BUY multiple sources, dacs, and preamps today that will be boat anchors within five years?

Logical fallacy, circular reasoning, aka "begging the question."