Optimal Vandersteen 2Wq settings

I have a pair of 2Wq subs I am trying before I buy (chances are more than good that I will).
I have trawled posts here and elsewhere and would appreciate some help.

NB- my evaluation is somewhat flawed as my Cary DAC is in for repairs and I am using a USB DAC similar to an older Audioquest Dragonfly (Prodigy D2A which never made it to market). Less gain, sound a little recessed and flat and harsh on the tops for my liking. The implementation does give it more body than I recall it ever having and I can definitely hear my Eminent Technology LFT8b speakers singing more freely, with more gain.

Still fiddling with dip switches and not sure if 50k or 33k works best (with polarity reversed).
Q is at its lowest, db about the same as my speakers (84).
Not sure what changes to these settings do.
My Hypex Ncore amps have a DM input impedance of 104kohms.
Preamp is a Modwright LS100.

A shortcoming of the LFT8’s is some thinness or lack of body. i would like to know if anyone can advise a setting that may remedy this (without buying speakers or using Jriver's DSP).
 I tried the premium X5 in my system Against a custom unit with Mundorf capacitors in it and the custom unit was more transparent. I think you would be much further ahead to have your local tech build you a custom unit with the capacitors of your choice.  The only advantage of the x five is the ability to adjust for impedance which is not necessary once you figure out what setting works best. 
@analogluvr That’s where I’m headed. If I could just find a parts list and circuit diagram...
It's just one cap per channel in a box.  Very simple.  That's what I use for the pair of 2Wq subs in my system.

Here is some info on calculating the cap value based on the amp input impedance.  Also very easy


You guys must feel you reinvented the wheel 
 I have tried many caps vs Battery bias HP 5s and the HP5s were always better 
Are you sure the 9 V internals had a pulse?