Optimum positioning for KEF 104.2s

I am setting up stereo listening room with KEF 104.2s driven by B&K front end (PRO 10MC preamp & Reference 125.2 amp. Two main questions:

1. KEF manual says " as a general rule speakers should be placed 50cm from front wall & 1 mtr from side wall". I'm thinking this means front wall to center-rear of speaker, not to center-front (tweeter); and side wall to tweeter not to center-side of speaker. Depending on toe-in, center points can be at quite a different distance from the wall boundaries compared to the edges of the speaker. So how do you KEF 104.2 owners interpret and follow this "general rule", which seems both vague and generic? In my 26 X 13 X 8 room I'd like to put the speakers as close to front wall as possible due to 1st reflection issues and 2.75' from side walls to allow for 7.5' separation of tweeters. My listening position is 11.25' from front wall & 9' from tweeters.

2. KEF manual recommends "angling speakers in slightly". In other 104.2 discussions owners have recommended face-on alignment to LP (so speaker sides not visible) or crossing the line of sight just behind the LP. I have my own experience with these options, but would like to hear others' experience in their set-up.

I will be using dual subs (front and rear) due to serious room mode issues because length & width are simple multiples. But need to position the 104.2s first before looking at bass management.  Thanks for your help.                                                                                                                                                                      

Wow, great to know that your 104.2's are still working. Mine died after 30 years of sweet sounds. I preferred the 104.2's out from the front wall and away from the side walls as much as possible. I prefer this for most speakers but furniture placement and being able to walk in a room can affect the best placement of speakers. I would say as most others, since you have them, place them where they sound best to you in your particular room. All the best with your 104.2's. I loved those speakers.