Opus 21 vs. Sonic Frontiers cd1

I was wondering if anyone can tell me the difference between the sound of these two players.I know SFcd1 is an older player but it can still hold it's own with many new players.Thanks
Reason for the question is I own and using a SF cd1.The Opus 21 has my intrest but I don't want to make a lateral move..
spaz, I use the RA opus 21 with the GNSC ref upgrades with the Ridge Street Audio Exousias umbilical. I have compared this setup to far more costly digital setups and love what it does for digital. It is a very "analog" sounding player. The opus in stock form is amazing. I have not heard the SF player, however digital has greatly evolved since the birth of the cd1. The opus uses the pcm 1704 chip set which I think ranks up there amongst the best. I am sorry I can't offer comments on a direct comparison between these two players, but only convey how great the Opus 21 is in stock and modified forms. I hope this helps.

Darrin, what is your impression of the Ridge Street umbilical. I also have a GNSC modded Opus 21, but have been hesitant to pull the trigger on the umbilical due to the price.