Opus 3. Reference recordings

I don’t know how many folks know about the Opus 3 label, but for those who do not, some of their releases offer truly SOTA sound.

For example, tonight I was listening to their release of Solera, which is a Flamenco recording. I would say that this recording is up there with my other reference Flamenco recording, which is the well known M&K Flamenco Fever release! This is truly saying something, as the M&K is recognized for having reference sound. Opus 3 have a fairly large catalog, all of which I believe offer some of the best recordings on vinyl.


Strongly agree ! i would especially include the Depth of Image disc, and for the high speed tape freaks, RtR releases. Any of the half track 15 ips tape samplers are excellent .

Best in music to all


'Depth of Image' is one of my go to recordings when I want to do a demo. It is, even to this day, very hard to better and a superb recording. I have a few favorites in the catalog, which has a pretty wide variety as to the type of music, some of which will probably appeal a lot more than others. IME, all of the releases feature superb recording and SQ. 

What are your favorites...and what type of music?