Oracle Alexandria turntable question

Anyone have an opinion if this turntable is worth fixing if I pick it up for $80?

It has a broken leg, broken dust cover and powers up but platter won't spin.

That's all I know and I've seen only pictures as it's an hour's drive away.

Thanks all.


I have a Delphi so can't speak to the Alexandria. However, Jacques at Oracle answers emails. They usually have parts. Also, there's a FB group of Oracle owners, which Jacques is a member. 

Nice sounding turntable but difficult to maintain.   I have one and would pay $200 for yours to use for parts. 

@thecarpathian I regularly spend (waste) $80 on old and imperfect audio gear to try it and then if it doesn't work out: sell it. I am probably in the red as I have 3 items waiting to fix. (I never fixed anything in my life, have disassembled electronics in plastic bags in every corner in my garage.

Still, I would say that the simplest, dumbest component is the turntable, easiest to fix. Is it worth $80 for the parts alone?  

I would say parts alone are well north of $80.

Thing is it's close to 100 miles away. Still weighing time and gas to pick up a broken turntable whose parts are really hard to acquire.