Orb Audio DF-01iA+

I use a VinylFlat and Groovy Pouch, but have spoiled one record with it (and saved several others). Does anyone find this more expensive device better?



Yes. I bought the non “+” version a few months ago after using Vinyl Flat and pouch for years with mixed, and sometimes damaging, results. The Orb has flattened every LP with no damage, and its a pleasure to use. Worth the price to me.

Yes, the Orb is a winner. I thought about buying one. But, records that are warped badly enough that the Sota's vacuum can't clamp them are sent back for replacement and I already have a shortage of space. 

I can order one through a US dealer for $1350USD plus tax, shipping, duty. They can be had for as little as $1200CDN on eBay, but they are the Japanese 100v version, not modified for 120v. They say they use semiconductor films for heating the glass plates, and I don't know if they will cope with 120v or whether they would burn out.

Personally, I would not hazard the risk. But you can get a step down transformer easily enough if you want to go that route.

@mijostyn , it seems like more than half the new LPs I buy these days have egregious cups warps. What gives? I got sick of returning them, sometimes repeatedly. If a vacuum platter can master those warps. I’m in awe. The Orb does take up an absurd amount of room. Luckily, I have a big closet off my office with AC where it sits at the ready, next to the Degritter.


Every warped record I have received that the Sota would not clamp in the last 5 years has been from Amazon. Their return policy is seamless, but I have noted that as of late they are using record specific packing. If the Sota clamps it the record becomes one with and as flat as the platter. The records that the Sota won't clamp are usually dished more than warped. It will clamp the concave side but not the convex side.

The Orb is a great piece of work and had I turntable with any other form of clamping I would definitely go for it. Forget about being able to track the warp. Even minor warps will create enough pitch irregularity that the illusion is ruined. Eccentric spindle holes are another pet peeve of mine. Drilling a concentric hole just takes attention to detail, proper set up. If you can see the tonearm oscillating back and forth you can hear it on sustained notes.   

Orb are willing to sell, but the price for a DF-01iA (not 'Plus') is $1665CDN, and then add duty and taxes, which will be 15% more, to a total of $1915CDN. I can't justify that.