Orb Speaker...Need your opinion

Hello folks…need your expertise please.

I’ve purchased a set of Orb 5.1 Mod 2 setup (10 satellites) + a KEF 2150 Subwoofer
I have a Denon 5700 & LG Blue Ray.

I am thinking of going from a Mod 2 to a Mod 4 setup
Is it worth it? Does it make a huge difference? Are we talking clarity, richness, full sound, clear party loudness … or jut more orbs on expensive pretty stands?

BTW… I yet have to setup any of this, everything is sitting in their Boxes, I Just bought all the pieces and I can get another set of orbs (same as mine) I just want to make sure it’s worth it.

Thanks 
Dear dfgkali,

I haven't heard/auditioned the Orb speakers. My initial question to you is simply what was the reason for getting them? Have you heard them or were they just in your price point or did you like a review you read?

I'm going to make an assumption that you liked the Orb speakers after having heard them or having read a review. It appears to me that the Orb4 have more drivers -- four instead of two. IF that's the case then they should either have a lower crossover point and would likely blend better with a sub or would simply be smoother overall. Unless someone has specifically heard the speakers, not sure someone can comment on the sound. Otherwise, I think you may need to look at the technical merits and the things like a crossover... example, does the 2 crossover at 120hz and the 4 cross over at 80??
HI Internetmin,

I got the orbs for a couple of reason. They did get very good reviews both from critics and everyday users. Also due to size and foot print, they’re the perfect fit for me at the moment and should serve me well for the next 5yrs or so. Except, I just want to get it all done at once instead of little by little. That is why I am leaning towards a Mod4 setup. I couldn’t find information about the cross over points on their site, but I’ll email them to see what they say.

Thank you for the information
Good luck on all that. Not sure what others in the community might think, but that's my initial instinct.