Ordered a Willsenton R300

Everything I have read about this 300b tube amp has been very positive, particularly Steve Huff's review on his website.  I have always thought I would love the sound of 300b tubes and this is my chance to get one for a very modest price.  It ought to drive my Spatial Audio M4 Triode Masters very nicely.  I will report back my impressions of the amp when it is fully revealed to me. 



I appreciate your kind words, thanks. I’m been a participant on this forum since 2008 and still enjoy posting and reading the experiences of others here. Acquiring the Willsenton 300b SET was a very good decision on your part.


Just to share some experience with the 300B. I have the original Willsenton R-300B model from a couple years ago. That one has a balanced set of inputs. Very nice amp. From rumors online I believe Willsenton are made by the same factory as Cayin and Prima Luna. You can see the resemblance to Cayin in build with the newer version Willsenton R300 model.

I also have the Muzishare X9 (made in Line Magnetic factory) which in addition to 300B tubes sports Nichicon filter caps and Mundorf coupling caps although at a higher $1700 price point. The sound from that amp with Klipsch Heritage line of speakers is magical.

Looking to find a little more thump for my Forte IV I did decide to also give the Muzishare X10 a try (SET KT-150) at 25W per channel. Just received it today. Bass thump is there at the slight expense of the organic magic of the 300B tube (which lacks a bit on bass control). The X10 is more resolving and in control of the music while the X9 flows with the music.

So a trade off between the two but both excellent depending on your particular music tastes - Jazz versus rock etc. Although both amps have not been in my collection long enough to truly break in yet so I expect a decent amount of improvement in tone over time.


Looking forward to more reports on the Willsenton R300. Does the remote do finer increments on the volume pot now that prior models? That was my only real complaint from past Willsenton amp models. Otherwise they are fantastic sounding and a great value.


I am using the amp as a power amp at the moment, connected to my tube preamp. I assume the two 300b and 2 5U4G tubes are in play when it functions as a pure power amp and thus might benefit from tube rolling, but how about the 2 6SN7 and one 6SL7 tubes... are they not involved when its run as just a power amp and not as an integrated amp?  


It is possible that the preamplifier section of your Willsenton is passive rather than active. The 5U4G is the rectifier tube. The 6SN7 or the 6SL7 is the diver tube for the 300b power output tube.

If your amplifier has an active preamplifier stage then it’s likely to be the 6SN7 (A popular preamplifier choice).