Origin Live company support

Looking for other’s experience to work with Origin Live Company in UK. I have their turntable motor kit. Control board is broken. Motor and power transformer work fine.

Feedback to my email to them (They replied to one email. No responses after my follow-up email)- I was told the motor kit is too old, and they do not service it; I was asked to buy a new one. Can’t buy the part I need, as the new control board is not compatible with old motor and transformer. Need to buy transformer, board and motor. No discounts for replacement, pay full price on web site.

I called them by phone. Feedback from call: I cannot afford the time to talk on the phone to customers. I give the best deal. Buy it and if you don't like it - send it back for full refund.

Good information here.  I was talking to OL about a new turntable motor but all I got was vague information and "Buy it, if it doesn't work out, return it."   Seems like I would be the guy who is doing the R&D to see how it works out rather than them.   I really like the design concept of the better OL tonearms, and they seem reasonably priced, but I am squeamish about their service.   Well, I am not in the buying market for a while yet, so I have to time to sort this out in my head......
I live in France and I have an OL conqueror mk II. I contacted them a few time for a heavy counterweight,...and each time get an answer and the product I need.
Fantastic products - never had an issue with communication, all going to OL owner Mark Baker. 
Brits tend to be a bit caustic. People of few words mostly, except when dealing with the French.
I think if he said 'can't help you, no parts available, buy a new one'...he probably meant just that. It might not be what we wanted to hear, but....

Damn those brits.