origin live silver or???

I currently am using a ol rb250 and have been for about 4+years. I'm still pleased and I would still like to move forward so do I choose the ol silver or what?????encounter?? TWL, I remember a thread re: your ab of the silver and another origin arm and I can't seem to find it in the archives. Perhaps you could give me an overview of your findings if you please. I am currently using a transfiguration spirit and will stay with that until I move on to a shelter. Thanks
The OL Silver is a very good tonearm for the money. It can be bettered, but generally only for considerably more money. This is especially true if you plan to use low compliance cartridges. If you will use medium or higher compliance cartridges, then there may be a wider choice of very good arms for the money.

The Silver is definitely better than the Modded RB250.
The OL Encounter is definitely better than the Silver, and if you can afford that, it would be worthwhile. If not, then consider my HiFi mod, Doug's VTF on-the-fly mod, and an aftermarket counterweight for the Silver.

I like mine very much, and while it may not be the utmost in tonearms, it is very musical and enjoyable. You could do worse.
Yes, the Expressimo C/W will fit a Silver. Twl's assessment seems right to me. I believe I'd have to spend at least $2K to significantly better my fully modded one.

Here's a link to that thread you remembered. It's a worthwhile read. What little I understand about tonearms all began with this thread.

Strange Tonearm Tweak thread