Original Legacy Studio Speakers

I’ve been kind of feeling like my LSA-10’s are a little too laid back for my amp, and I stumbled across a listing for a pair of Legacy Studios over on US Audio Mart. I’m thinking they might be a good match for my (CODA built) Legacy amp. 
Problem is that although the ad states that the drivers are original, they look different than the pics in the manual I found on Legacy’s website. Tweeter housing is different and woofer seems to lack the characteristic woven texture of kevlar.
Is it possible that these are an early version with slightly different drivers, or is this likely a bait and switch? Just thought I’d see what you guys thought...

the listing:


the manual:


thanks and cheers

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Nothing particularly juicy, just a flurry of random spam posts. At least it wasn’t research chems or bootleg viagara this time.

But since that spam put this thread back in rotation… I ended up concurring with your assessment of LSA’s being too much on the warm side, and have since moved to Thiels.