Original prices for LP albums

What did popular LP albums (Dylan, Zeppelin, etc.) cost full retail in 1984 in USA ?
In 1988 ? In 1991 ? in 1995 ? (Some stores still sold them in 1995). Talking about NEW only - with NO CUT OUTS or hole punches. Anyone who remembers, thanks for info.

You might be confusing EIGHT Jewish Korean veterans (Korvettes)


The Nevele Hotel in the Catskill mountains which was purportedly named for the ELEVEN original Jewish investors. Nevele is eleven spelled backwards.

No idea whether either story is true, but I have heard both any number of times.

EJ Korvettes was founded by one man who died just this year. I can't remember his name but it wasn't Korvette as I recall.
I also bought alblums there as a kid thru early teens and $3.99 sticks out in my mind and more for double alblums. In real prices adjusted for inflation I bet that $5.99 record is now much more than the 20-30 bucks we spend for new tiny productions of records.
Pretty standard throughout the mid to late 60's 2.49-2.98 for Mono and 3.49 to 3.98 for Stereo.Stayed like that for awhile.Cutouts,deletions and punched hole copies were aplenty at drug stores and your good old supermarkets and department stores for .49-.99 each,and i am talking outrageous records you would crawl across the desert for now.These were serviced by "rackjobbers" who would do a regular route and re-fill the racks every week full to the brim with the latest deletions.Labels would sell out stock or wholesale cut out dozens of records at a time.
I Worked for a store that bought these cutouts from a distributor and i vividly remember the day we went down to "record row" on Pico Blvd. in L.A. and there was a mountain,i'm taking 25 feet wide and 15 feet high of newly arrived "cutouts" from Chess records.Boxes and boxes of Muddy,Sonny Boy,Wolf,Little Walter not to mention Soul,Jazz,Gospel.......25 cents each!
In late '69 we opened the first discount record store in Santa Barbara and after Christmas we had our grand opening sale and featured the then newly released "Sweet Baby James" by James Taylor for an unreal 2.49 That was about 20 cents above cost from the label.Those hippies could not buy enough of that!Of course,in those days things used to fall off those delivery trucks and there were deals to be made.
As a record buyer in the 60's i always bought one mono lp and one single instead of a stereo lp.Finally got a Sears stereo with the pull out speakers and i could buy one lp-Beatles 6- that 12 string guitar sounded so amazing.Thanks Dad!
All us old farts that remember Korvettes. OK, let's go for broke. Who purchased records at A&S and Mays?

Hey, we used to go to the Nevele as a kid! I did not know the origin of the name. Nice trivia!

A lot of my records came from Cheap Thrills in New Brunswick, NJ in college. $5.99 sounds like a familiar price but can't remember exactly (1978).