Orlando, FL

Any Fun Audiophiles out there in the greater Orlando area? I started up a Facebook page as well "Orlando Audiophiles". Interested in sharing this great hobby of ours with other listners and system designers.
I live just West of Sebring in a small town called Wauchula.
Would be interested in some conversation with other local audiophiles.
I'm about an hour from Orlando and less than an hour from Wauchula. I'm near Lake Wales.

I'm in regular contact with several local avid audio "hobbiests". I'm not certain that we (or at least I) would qualify for the term "audiophile" though.

I would like to make contact with other "like" minds in the Central Florida area.

I might even host a small gathering at my home if you don't mind listening to Emotiva, Oppo, Music Hall, and Magnepan gear.
You might consider starting an Orlando/Central Florida area Audio Club using Meetup.com. It's a great way to organize and publicize local listening sessions. Our local Suncoast Audiophile Society (formerly the Tampa Bay Listening Society) has recently migrated to Meetup, and a number of local audiophiles have now joined us (see http://www.meetup.com/Suncoast-Audiophile-Society/)

You can designate your group as PRIVATE, which allows you to "screen" prospective members.
Hi, I live near the space center . I would like to get together with other audiophiles in the area to enjoy music.