Orsonic headshell source?

I am planning to buy a few headshells for the RS-212D to play with Windfeld, Amber The Tribute and may be VDH Colibri. I saw somewhat different posts on the topic of Orsonic - from "very good" to "very bad", but want to listen for myself.
Does anybody know of a good source / reliable dealer to get one av-101b to instance? I am thinking about Ortofon LH-8000 (8.7 gr) on the lightweight side, and LH-9000 with 16.8 carbon fiber weight. Any other suggestions are welcome.
Thank you
There is a seller here on Audiogon, out of Hong Kong I think, that sells them. Not sure if he has a current listing, but he is usually on here.

I just looked and Albert Porter has one for sale on Audiogon.
Sometimes they show up here at Audiogon, at Ebay you will find those too.
The Orsonics are very good and very cheap compared to others. You can spend endless money on Headshells but I think, a lot are rolled with a dice from calculation.
A top HS is Ikeda RS.
Thanks, folks.
I sent email to Albert.
Speaking about Ikeda headshell - I didn't find the 'RS', there is one named IS-1R, looks impressive.
Syntax - looks like you had a chance to compare this to others, what cartridge you mounted on it?
Hello Avs9,
you found the right one. The Ikeda is ultra rigid and has superior copper leads stock. You can replace them with silver ones, when you like that (I did that).
It works extremely well with all kind of carts I ever used, lightweight Zyx to heavy Takeda Miyabi.
The Orsonic is also a good one, but the copper leads are nothing special, I replaced them with silver leads. Some fumbling, but worth the result. The drill is downside up for using the Fingerlift (for Denon carts or similar). When you use carts with a drill in the Headshell, you have to use the Orsonic without fingerlift.
Both can be adjusted for azimuth, they have a screw for that.