Ortofon Anna or Transfuration Proteus?

I am now using SPU Gold cartridge with Ortofron 309 tonearm and Garrard 301 turntable, together with a Bob's Device SUT to Shindo Monbrison preamp.

I am considering upgrading the cartridge to either Ortofon Anna or Transfuration Proteus, looking for higher resolution and separation, more dynamic and air, and better tonal colour. (...am I asking to much?)

Much appreciated for your input.

Thanks Ebm, I am worried my high mass arm Ortofon 309 would not match Proteus too well. This is my only worry for Proteus. Otherwise I would have bought one already.
The Lyra Atlas and the Ortofon 309D is a superb match. The Atlas has a 0.55 mV output which works with the Ortofon SUT. I tried the Proteus with the 309D but the results were disappointing after trying a range of loading options from 33ohm upto 47kohm. Maybe it's the 0.2mV output of the Proteus or the high mass of the 309D.
You can roll the dice between your selection. A "good" Cartridge should have the following abilities:
*Integrated sound top to bottom.
*Tonally neutral.
*Superior ambient detail retrieval.
*The music "breathes". It has an exceptional ability to capture the increase and decrease of the sound pressure of the human voice.
*Excellent transient response.
*All the above produces a very realistic and open presentation.

Neither Anna or Proteus have those abilities, not even one from the lines above. They may have other abilities, but right now, I do not know which ones