Ortofon blue

I currently use a ortofon blue stylus on a 2m red cartridge.i also have a ortofon silver stylus and cartridge .can I install the silver cart with the blue stylus with any good results?
If I recall correctly, 2M red, blue and silver use the same body. 2M bronze and black use a different body. I think you should be good to try the silver stylus on the blue body.

+1...That’s exactly right!

According to Ortofon, the Blue is better than the Silver, which is better than the Red.  Same bodies.
Sell both and buy a better cartridge with the most advanced cantilever and stylus profile. Or simply better sounding cartridges, actually those upper M2 line is expensive and you can find better carts for the same budget or even cheaper if you will not allow those modern MM makers brainwash your mind with information that they are better than any top vintage MM or MI.