OT: Windows XP Update Service Pack 1

I just figured that i would "warn" others about this. You can find my thoughts / experience about the subject by clicking on the link below. Sean

most recent Windows XP Update
Thanks Sean, I passed with flying colors...a tribut to Nortons. If anyone would like to check their computer performance go to www.pcpitstop.com and run the check. This is a very helpful tool to tune up the speed of your machine.
Aboldor, thanks for the response. Someone on AA also suggested that installing the service pack simply set my computer back to "default" and / or changed other programs in the way that i had them configured. As such, i guess that Microshaft should basically say ( without the 6 pages of legal jargon ) "you will have to reconfigure your computer after downloading this upgrade". I did not expect this "Service Pack" to take me backwards, only to enhance what was already there. As such, i am ready to chuck all of this crap and go back to the old tin can and string routine....

Ozfly: Glad that at least something good came of all of this. Hopefully, a few others will be alerted to their potential for "foul play".

Lugnut: I too am using Norton, which has normally worked fabulously for me. Downloading this service pack seems to have played with more than a few things, possibly altering the performance of even that program. Sean

Well, I'm definitely not a Microsoft fan, but I did install the xp service pack when it came out and my system works fine, all apps and the network. I just went to the Shields Up site that Sean suggested and found that my system is in full Stealth mode. I didn't change anything.
(I will tell you that I hated XP with a vengence when I first installed it. It took many full days and still my scanner only works on my old Win98 system (backup computer).
It's not like I don't mind rag'in about Little Billy Gates but I can't this time. The download was fast(Gotta Love Cable)and the installation was slow but no problems. I too have a loaded puter, 1.8gig 512meg-ram. Mr. Gates loves to slow ya down, so ya need/want a faster puter, therefore pay for newer software/operating system. There is a reason he's so rich.