Otari MTR-10 MKII

Hello Open Tape lovers,
I am having the above Tape Machine, and am thinking about building the R-R tapes collection. I would like to have some feed back from someone who is familiar with the machine. Do you think it is worth it to hire a tech to restore the machine? How good is it sound compare to Teac-1000X or Akai 747? Mine is 2 tracks.

Sound quality is very good, some being better than others like any other tape producer.

Tapes are not as mainstream usually but that is what makes it interesting.

Go to this link and go to the sticky "The Best of the Best" for the best sounding tapes.

Pretty tough to compare 747 and X1000R to an MTR-10. The 10 uses a completely different format (quarter track vs. half track) than the other two and plays and records at much higher speeds.

The mechanics on the Otari MTR series are much more robust than the 747 and Teac models, and as one poster noted are much easier on your tapes with their excellent tape handling qualities.

Once you go through the MTR 10, it will last forever in home use. It was designed for constant studio use, so is very robust.

I own all 3, but use each to play different format tapes.
Can the well maintenant MTR10 play the Tape Project tapes well? 
How does it compare to the famous Studers or Ampex?
 Thanks again.