other speaker cable, what to buy

My current speaker is 5meters long. I needed that length previous. However things have changed. Now 2*2m or 2*3m would be more then enough.

The speaker cable I have now is a Wireworld Atlantis 5. I was thinking of replacing it by a NBS dragon/fly. Before the Wireworld I hade Nordost Reddawn is I remember correctly. The nordost cable wasn't what I was looking for. I think they are not neutral but it is hard to explain what they do sound like. To my ears the Wireworld are more neutral.

My set:
VPI Scout
Lyra Dorian
Wadia 12
Symponic Line La musica
Impulse Aria SE speakers
Cardas Hexlink 5c interconnects
DAC has a NBS dragon/fly power cable, the rest are standard power cables.

I would prefer cables that are easily available in Europe and don't break the bank, I'm on a tight budget so I will only be looking at 2nd hand.
Sticking strictly to European brands...

Chord Company Silver Screen is good stuff, and only about 6 GBP per meter. QED Silver Anniversary seems pretty sound and highly regarded, also around the 6 GBP mark. However, if you can swing it, QED Revelation is supposedly the stuff to get as far as price/performance and it's still not that pricey at about 15 GBP per meter.
Supra Ply 3/4 is very inexpensive ($12/ft. here in US) and very good. I find it to be neutral in my system.
maybe you should try anticable or morrow audio speaker cables.
anticable has 30days return and morrow has 60days return...

I agree with Gmahler2u... give the Morrow Audio SP4 and MA4s a try... break them in (this is a must... you will be very, very happy that you did). Just a happy customer, no affiliation...

:) listening,