Other sub amp for Gallo Ref3 secondary voice coil?

Hi - any Gallo Ref 3 users out there driving the secondary voice coil with a solid state amplifier other than the Gallo sub amp? The manual says you can use any 100WPC + amplifier that is stable into 4 ohms as long as a crossover (60 Hz or lower) is used.

I am driving my Gallos with tubes (with great results), and I don't have a "sub out" on my integrated. I was thinking about using a Rotel RB-1080 (200 WPC) to drive the secondary coil, and putting a crossover on the interconnect (like one of those little FMOD units). Just wondering whether someone had tried something similar...

I can't find the threads, but I'm sure it was here.

I'll keep looking


How hard do you have to push your 845's? (the amp I have coming is based on the 300b tubes).

My SET monoblocks (845 outputs, EL34 drivers. 6N7G inputs) designed and built by a friend, have huge trannies and the 12w output is conservative. They never run out of steam but are rolled off at the bottom so that they don't have to waste power trying to drive that last octave. That's what the sub amp is for.

All you can do is try yours and see if they have enough oomph. Certainly the Ref 3s love tubes. Good luck, Dave
I purchased a pair of plate subwoofer amps from Parts Express for about $125 each (part of a DIY subwoofer kit). I think the version I bought have about 200 wpc. The plate amps, of course, have a variable low pass filter, phase and level controls. I believe the cross-over is 24 db/octave. I ran the specs of these amps by JD at Gallo. He checked with Anthony and said they should work fine. They certainly seem to, though I haven't compared them to other amps. I'm sure they don't have the authority of a higher quality amp, but this was a pretty inexpensive solution to get a true dual mono power source for the second voice coils.

-- Rich
"I purchased a pair of plate subwoofer amps from Parts Express for about $125 each"

What a fantastic idea Rich. I will look into that...
What about volume control with the Gallo SA amp.? Then if another amp is used will volume control work O.K.
I guess it would work just as if you had a sub hooked up via high pass??