Others using Whatmough speaker?

I posted a review of the Whatmough Magnum HT system here today.
I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the sound, and have replaced my TV speaker, a Henry Kloss creation, with the M05 from this package, and am using the little M10s in my office, where I listen a couple of hour a day happily.
I was wondering who else here uses models in the Whatmough line, and what their experience is.
I bought the Magnum HT set here on AG from Albert Sportis is Chicago. This is my first HT system which includes a Marantz SR-18, Onkyo DVD / CD, HSU VTF-2 sub (awesome), Monster Power HTS3600 and TMC cabling throughout. I am not into my HT as much as 2-channel, but I am very satisfied with my current system. I also have hooked the 30s up to my 2-channel, and for the price (approx $400), I think it is a great buy. Check out the new series with the wood veneer on the front of the speaker (it was a grey-ish color), especially in cherry. I don't have much to compare my HT system to other than my 2-channel system, but I would say to jump on the Magnum set before the price goes up. By the way, I also have the Whatmough Signature 303's and am very happy with them as well. Incredible looking speakers and well built.
Albert let me audition couple of models,and I listen
to Home Theater set, for the price they are hard to
beat,I heard the HT set up, At Van L here in Chicago,
I think Albert knows that, And Albert is a very nice
person to deal with.I have not seen Him in three years.
No connection.Iam also not trying to promote Him.