OTL amps

I would like your opinions on OTL amps vs those with transformers.
Oahuan I too have the Merlin VSM-SE soon to be upgraded to Millenium. Have you heard other OTL besides the Joule with your Merlin's? What is the sonic characteristic in the upper and lower band with the Joules? I have heard the Trancendents work superbly in the bass with Merlins.
does anyone have an opinion on the David Berning ZH270 amp. i m thinking of buying one.
Like Vtvu, I have the 25wt stereo Transcendent Sound OTL and for $1,900.00, it is extremely good. The sound is very transparent and lets you hear everything going on in the recording, which can be good or bad. Because of it's incredible "clearness" it seems to somewhat mask the delicious juicyness that SETs give you. However! I'm now driving the woofer of my Proac Response 2.5s with the Transcendent Sound amp and the tweeters with a pair of Cary 2a3 monoblocks. This set up shows the wonderful midrange clarity and body that OTLs are capable of since the 2.5s cross over somewhere above 2500HZ.
Check out the David Berning products. Just a note, the Berning ZH-270 increases power as ohm load increases, unlike other OTL's, in which it is just the opposite. Really, it has the most advanced designed layout of any OTL. Check out the Berning website for more info. This little, non obtrusive amp had the most power and drive I have ever heard period. The bass had to heard to be believed. Advanced technology and design layout are extremely fascinating, but the sound is where this amp shines. Incredible. Note : To the man that posted above about purchase of the Berning - Hurry there are only a few new units left. David Berning does not build many period. If I had the extra money I would sell my beloved little Blue Circle BC22 (solid state) and scoup one up. BTW the ZH-270 has an estimated 20 year tube life. Amazing.
thanks for your response about the ZH270, however the more i read about OTL's i m discovering that you really should be using an elecro-static type speaker vs a conventional dynamic one, any thoughts about this?