OTL recommendations for 105+ sensitivity horns

I'm not sure if this is even a practical direction as I seem at odds with noise floor and power requirements and negative feedback which I am trying to minimize. 2 watts is just a bit too low but 10 watts would be plenty. I scanned the OTL Asylum threads and nothing immediately jumped out at me. Thanks for any guidance, pleasant / horror stories.

I was leaning towards a 45 tube based SET but wanted to cover this angle before a commitment. The noise floor on my P/P 300B is waaaaaaaaaay over the top for my edgarhorns.
Take a look at the Transcendent Sound website, they have a single ended OTL amp that looks interesting and other OTL amps with more power.I know that you said that 2 watts wouldn't be enough for your speakers, but with 105 db sensitivity spec I think that 2 watts should be plenty, but I don't know which speakers you have. It all depends on the amp and also the impedence of the speakers and if they have complicated crossovers or not. Take for instance my single ended amp from Decware which puts out more power into lower ohms, and the Transcendent Sound single ended OTL amp puts out more power into higher ohms, so matching a low power amp to a certain speaker requires some investigation. Synergy is everything!
I use with my 100dB Horns the M-60 II OTL amps. No noise, silent and very reliable. and the Tubes last forever....
You can also work with a jumper, Ralph has it, to reduce the output power.
But the Stereo amp will be interesting, too.
I use Ralph's latest S-30 Mk III with my Audiokinesis Planetarium Betas (96 dB, near flat 16 ohm impedance), and absolutely love it. Noise is essentially non-existent.
Well everybody, built the Transcendent SE OTL and had up and running for about 300 hrs. and am very pleased. Both with and w/o the SMS-1 which I still have to tune in on the manual settings. Still much to adjust overall, film at 11. Super quiet noise floor - refreshing!