Otomon Labs. Soundgate Japan

Has anybody purchased an amp made by Ken Uesugi from Otomon Labs/Soundgate in Japan?
I’m seriously thinking of getting a 2A3 amp, but keen for any feedback. Everything I’ve read looks good, but buyer experience is invaluable. 
Thanks in advance. 

received some nice feedbacks this days from people that purchased amps with hm..
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Apologies for this late entry into these more recent discussions relating to my original post from last November.
I’m unable to add anything to the matters raised as I did not proceed with the purchase, but will follow this with some interest.

I ordered from Ken-san 2 amps, 717A drive 45 tube amp and 2A3 Para SE tube amp, both of them are perfect and better than any amp that I had before. His work on wiring is awesome.  Here is my ordered amp -->> http://soundgate.net/product/NDkx.highend and http://soundgate.net/product/Njc5.highend

I dont know why you had problem with Ken-san but he is really kind and  professional. All my emails was responsed within 3 hours. I ordered and got the amp 3 months before but any when I send mail to him, he response immediately same the first day I contacted to him.
most of the recent issues seem to be related to the 1940’s Western wiring, which is very difficult to solder. but one can always opt for regular wiring.

allow me to add that the sound that KEN achieves is incredible. we recently did an A/B of this custom 71A amp...


...against an American custom amp twice its price, and KEN’s was drastically better in every way. it was also equal on low levels to a TAKATSUKI based 300b with all-TANGO iron, which is a prototype that will cost 7-8K when complete.