Out of these two cartridges which would you choose?

Hi everyone i officially had my new mega rp8 for a week now and am amazed by the performance with it. I am looking to upgrade the cartridge now but can decide by these two after naming down my search. I have my sets set on either a dynavector 20x2 High output version or a new ortofon 2m Black. The preamp Im running it through would be a cary slp-98p Class A all Tube phono preamp with mm only. I am not considering a low output mc. Because I tried out a new pair of speakers for fun an shocked by how bloody good they sound with my system. But are worth 10K lol and are the last pair I will ever need for life!
I was leaning nore to they dynavector over the 2m black because I have never had or  tried a mc before. The music I listen to is jazz to Stevie ray and 80's classic rock,and getting more into  modern rap and hiphop/pop and a lot of techno music with lots of bass. So all generes and a good solection of used records. My real concern for the 2M black. I had a dealer tell me that the shabata styleless could Wreck my records because of no propper VTA on the rp8 is that true?
If VTA is of concern you could get an adjuster ring from Origin Live for your arm.  If your VTA is close to parallel you, arguably, won't be damaging your records.  Maybe others could chime in on that issue.  I would think the VTA would have to be high or low with some significant error to cause damage.  If it's high, the stylus would be physically digging down too hard in a forward manner into the groove.  

I'm very happy with both cartridges and feel they offer a great deal of value for the money.  
Dear Jake,
Are you really asking for advice or...what?

They told you ....

1).  2m Black > 20X2 < 2m Bronze
So, no need to wondering any more : Dynavector is not any better !

2).  2m Black   equal to   2m Bronze
So, after a week with Bronze, not much of an upgrade by going to Black.

3).  2m Black   compatibility issues   with your tonearm ?

4).  2m Black   compatibility issues   with your preamp ?

       ............  and you still want one of these carts...?

Cartridge of reference quality (million light years) above these two and with the right output for your Cary, is the JVC/SAS but requires a very careful set-up by an experienced user and also, a very careful handling in use.  If you pull the trigger,  you will never compromise with this one as it stands at the very top of MM's. You will never upgrade over this one!

We were suggesting your money  better spend  for A REAL UPGRADE :
 " Incognito wiring and an Expressimo weight "  
 "Physic Harmonic Power & Speaker Cables"  

You said you are "amazed by the performance" ...
Well, .... you ain't seen nothing yet!

Best of Luck