Outdoor Garage Speakers

I presently have Bose AM 5 series one speakers mounted on my garage and want to upgrade. I definitely need more bass but don't want to go too big. They are mounted underneath on sides of garage. I am running 130 watts into them. My yard is roughly 400 square feet of decking plus rest of yard. Any suggestion greatly appreciated.......

Budget is approx half $500.

regards Bacardi

The Realistic Minimus 7s out on my deck finally died after 20+ years out there.  Billy Joel was right, I got more mileage from a cheap pair of speakers!

Will be replacing soon with Polk Atrium 6...lot’s of good reviews and had for a very good price.

These play off my main setup downstairs via in-wall wiring so what’s out there get’s the glory treatment. The Minimus 7s were awesome, within their size limits of course. The Polk’s are a tad larger and a bit more efficient as well I believe.

B&W AM-1 - IMO the best sounding outdoor rated speaker and with 130w on them they'll do a great job!
I picked up two pair of Definitive Technology AW-5500 series. Two on my garage and two mounted on house back near hot tub. Really nice sound and bass..I am running tidal music from my garage receiver Bluetooth through my iPad Pro or my IPhone 11pro. 

regards Paul
@bacardi - Did it take you 3 years to find a pair of speakers, or are you just now getting back to us?

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