Outdoor speakers

Looking for some recommendations on outdoor speakers.

Looking at B&W AM1
Mariner 63
BA voyager 70

Really would like to keep cost pretty low since they are for the outdoors. Recommendations welcomed - thanks.
Yep, outdoors, in lieu of any "room acoustics" many typical high end considerations go out the door.
I did a little research on this for a friend a while ago, and I recall coming across some Definitive Technology outdoor speakers that seemed to offer a lot for the money. Might be worth a look. Best of luck, and let us know what you decide on and how it works out.
I have the B&W outdoor monitors, I think WM1. Previous incarnations. Before them I had the Rock Solid monitors by B&W for 16 years on my deck. My son still uses them indoors, I can recommend them on durability alone, they sound good too.