Outer Perimeter Ring power demands

Hi all, my VPI HW19 MKIV table is using an outer perimeter copper ring. The results are fantastic but I guess the extra weight has added a demand on my power supply that keeps burning out (SDS VPI) does this make sense or should the SDS be able to handle this?
VPI offers a outer ring for most of their turntables, unless your ring is substantially heavier I see no reason why the SDS would have an issue with it. I have an Aries with the VPI ring and SDS and have not had a problem. There are numerous other folks with similar setups and this is the first I have heard of this. Perhaps you have a defective SDS? Or perhaps it's a bad bearing? Try spinning the platter with your finger with the ring on but no belt, it should spin freely and go for at least two rotations after letting go.
This does not sound right. I would say that your SDS is defective. A quick call to VPI will give you the right recourse.