Outlets and Wire Gauge? - Please help!

I finally contracted an electrician to run two dedicated lines - a week from today! I have been reading thread after thread and the consensus appears to be going with 10awg wire for the 20amp run. My problem is two-fold:

  1. I'm stuck selecting an outlet because the electrician says that no 20amp outlet can take 10awg, that "10awg is for 30amp outlets".
  2. I'm stuck selecting an outlet because of what it might do to my sound. 

I simply want to install something good that's going to feed a Puritan Audio PSM156. I am now running ADG Gran Vivace monos. I prefer a rich midrange.

Additionally, I asked for both a 15 and 20 amp run. People suggested I do this so my sources can be run off the 15A with amps / subs off of the 20A, but someone here mentioned ground loops? I am not well-versed in things electrical. Ideally I would like to know if I should stick with the two runs, and what would be a few good choices for each outlet if I do. @jea48 @erik_squires ... I have seen solid advice from you on the topic of outlets, but they lack things specific to awg and outlet type.

Thank you in advance!

PS I estimate the length of the run to be approximately 50', max.


A significant and possibly not discussed/presented in this discussion thread is the relative amount of AC power draw from the AC mains line of the power amplifiers in use.  As we all realize, the amplifiers each of us use are not created equal in this regard. In "erik_squires" latest post stated " My modest 100WPC integrated just doesn't stress the circuit very much."

This is so true; I am fortunate to be operating a pair of mono blocks that their AC power draw from the AC mains line is relatively small.  

I would encourage "izjjzi" to investigate his amplifier(s) power draw with his loud speakers.  

The install was just completed and I am now afraid to connect my gear. Both my PS Audio PowerPlant 20 and Puritan Labs PM156 both say it is okay to connect to a 20A outlet, but the labels on the back of each read 12A Max and 15A, respectively. I have direct communication with each saying it is okay to do so.

Yes, it is. It's quite common, especially in the kitchen where 20 A circuits are run to multiple 15A outlets.  Of course, requires 12 gauge wire + 20A breaker, but this is absolutely routine.

The use of 20A circuits is recommended for multiple outlets, and sometimes required.  For instance, if your refrigerator is run on a circuit with other outlets that circuit should be 20A.


Does my PC need to rated for 15A? I would think any quality after market would be? 

My PP20 charts draw, which is super cool. I was able to see my 30WPC Accuphase A36 pulling 300W, which became 360W when my friend brought over his Accuphase preamp. The total draw dropped to ~100W when I switched to my 400WPC AGD Gran Vivace. This was a cool lesson what I only guessed that solid state class A amps are power hungry, but this assumption could be wrong and specific to things other than class? I truly don't know.

The sensitivity and impedance of the speaker has a lot to do with power draw from the amp.


I also have the AQ Edison nrg outlets but I am running 10/2 to them. Did you back wire your outlets or wrap the wire around the screw? I found it very difficult to wrap the wire so I back wired mine. The screw seems to clamp down fine but I am wondering if I should try to wrap the wire around the screw. Have you tried both ways and could you hear a difference between the two ? Thanks !