Overhang for Ortofon 2M Bronze on Rega RB301

I just purchased an Ortofon 2M Bronze cartridge and am a bit puzzled about the overhang setting. The people I purchased the cartridge from said they set the cartridge so the front of the cartridge is flush with the front of the headshell. When I checked this with the Rega cartridge alignment protractor it shows the cartridge should be roughly 2 millimeters further back in the headshell. I listened both ways and thought the setting where the front of the cartridge was flush with the front of the headshell sounded the best. The other thing I was wondering about was the tracking force; Ortofon advised from 1.4 to 1.7 grams. I initially tried it at 1.5 grams and then 1.7 grams (as recommended by the people I bought the cartridge from). Surprisingly I like it at 1.4 grams. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
How is the 2m bronze sounding in your system
I'm interested in this cart as well for my Rega 300 and Lenco table but the opinions are all over the map as to how it sounds ...
01-10-09: Bobgates
Ekobesky - just wanted to let you know that I did bump the tracking force up to 1.6 grams and then 1.7grams; it does sound even better now. Now I'm wondering where I can find a blank album so I can accurately set the antiskate?

The Hi-Fi News test record has a blank area, along with many other useful tests.

The better the stylus, the more critical proper setup is. The 2M Bronze is next to the top of the line so it will benefit you greatly to optimize alignment, tracking force and anti-skating. Unfortunately, those are the only parameters you can work with on the RB301, though you can adjust the arm height using spacers though it's probably not necessary in this case.
Musicfile - the cartridge is sounding great. I am still experimenting with the tracking force though and it seems to sound the best between 1.55 grams and 1.65 grams. I downloaded some of the cartridge alignment protractors on vinylengine.com and feel the overhang is either right on or at least very, very close to being where it should be.
Thanks Bob
Did you need to insert spacers between the arm and Cart
if so how many