Overhang for Ortofon 2M Bronze on Rega RB301

I just purchased an Ortofon 2M Bronze cartridge and am a bit puzzled about the overhang setting. The people I purchased the cartridge from said they set the cartridge so the front of the cartridge is flush with the front of the headshell. When I checked this with the Rega cartridge alignment protractor it shows the cartridge should be roughly 2 millimeters further back in the headshell. I listened both ways and thought the setting where the front of the cartridge was flush with the front of the headshell sounded the best. The other thing I was wondering about was the tracking force; Ortofon advised from 1.4 to 1.7 grams. I initially tried it at 1.5 grams and then 1.7 grams (as recommended by the people I bought the cartridge from). Surprisingly I like it at 1.4 grams. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
I removed the Ortofon 2m Bronze from the Ortofon headshell this afternoon and mounted it on an inexpensive Gemini headshell. Wouldn't you know it sounded better with the Gemini headshell; a more natural and relaxed presentation. Just goes to show that just because something is more expensive doesn't necessarily mean that it's better.
I'm strongly considering a 2M Black for my P5. I just had a couple questions. How are these carts with surface noise? I play alot of rock records that are less than audiophile. Also it appears a spacer isn't necessary for this? Lastly would it be ok with my Fisher 400 and Forte II speakers. I appreciate any feedback very much.

Thank you

I think the I think the Black would be overkill, especially if you are running it through the 400's phono stage. In fact, if that's what you're doing, the P5 is overkill, too -- though that's my kind of overkill!

I would go with the Bronze. You can always upgrade to the Black stylus anytime.

The 2M is a very resolving series of cartridges and it has plenty of high frequency detail. I think it would balance nicely with the rest of your system.

As far as surface noise, however, the 2M doesn't perform as well as some low-output moving coils in the same price range but it is state of the art in terms of moving magnets. Again, if you're using the Fisher's built-in phono stage, a low-output MC isn't an option anyway.

No spacer necessary -- unless you have a thick aftermarket mat or something. The entire 2M series was designed around the Rega tonearm family from the RB250/251 on up.
Thanks Ekobesky,

I actually went ahead and placed an order with my dealer, I figured $500 was a pretty good deal. I will be running it through the Fisher for the time being, but am planning on ordering a Bottlehead Seduction kit soon. I've been told that it would be a sufficient upgrade over the Fisher. I'm glad to hear that I won't need a spacer. Do you have any idea how the surface noise would compare with the Denon DL-160 I was using?
I would say surface noise performance will be at least comparable to, but quite possibly better than, the DL-160. That's extrapolating from my experience with the Denon vs the 2M Blue.

Alignment will be critical since the 2M Black has a fine profile stylus. Spend some extra time. You can rough it in very easily. Just look at Ortofon's publicity photos of the 2M mounted on a Rega arm. There's also a little star-shaped dot that should be centered right where the third screw would be in a Rega three-point cartridge mount.

I think you'll be well satisfied with the Black overall, and the stylus should last a good long time with proper care. I wouldn't be surprised if you attained 1000+ hours with gentle use. So, in those terms, it represents a good value as well.