Overkill for small room

Hello all - long time lurker, first time poster. I've enjoyed reading so many of these posts, and I feel like I'm learning so much from you guys. Thank you for that.

I am strongly considering a pair of Dynaudio 20i - I am aware they require serious amplification - but I suspect that they'll be too much for a small room

Room specs: (11 wide by 14 long, normal ceiling height with acoustical tile, carpet tile covering one entire wall, wall-to-wall carpet on top of cement slab, no basement).

Am I nuts? 

Thank you in advance.


I will pile on and applaud your excellent choice.  They should work well in your room size, set up on proper stands and positioned with care.  You don’t say whether you have electronics, nor what you expect in terms of dynamics, but a pair of 7” woofers cannot be expected to deliver limitless impact no matter the amp.  I would start with a 50-100W high current model. Given the price range of the speakers, a used Michi integrated might be a good place to start.

Good advice about room treatment.  I would suggest getting a mic and using something like REW to measure your room before treating it, and measure after treatment installation.  Or you could use dsp or Dirac or some other digital room correction.  I have no experience with either of the last two.  I have used a mic and REW and that was straight forward.  I assume dsp and Dirac are as well.

I am always a little skeptical of speakers that will require you to purchase a new and more powerful amplifier....where does all that power go...into the crossover and out the door. So many choices out there...

All advice greatly appreciated thus far. I'm writing down the important stuff.

@sounds_real_audio - I don't feel that the speaker purchase requires a new more powerful amp. If I already had a serious amp I'd very likely keep it, but I'm upgrading from a not-so-robust Yamaha AVR that I'm sure is not up to the task (both from a quality and oomph perspective).

I'm weighing the options between separates and a great integrated. I presume some of you consider "great integrated" an oxymoron 😉, but unfortunately I have budgetary considerations to keep in mind.

There are many great integrated amps out there.  You don’t need to do separates, particularly if that is cost prohibitive.