Overkill for small room

Hello all - long time lurker, first time poster. I've enjoyed reading so many of these posts, and I feel like I'm learning so much from you guys. Thank you for that.

I am strongly considering a pair of Dynaudio 20i - I am aware they require serious amplification - but I suspect that they'll be too much for a small room

Room specs: (11 wide by 14 long, normal ceiling height with acoustical tile, carpet tile covering one entire wall, wall-to-wall carpet on top of cement slab, no basement).

Am I nuts? 

Thank you in advance.


I would tell you my listening room is dominated by my wife who puts all her crap everywhere causing my listening experience to vary wildly. not at all sure that wool is the best choice, my wife suggested a blend of polyester and cotton, she says it is stretchable, which I had not realized was and audiophile thing,, any suggestions? 

Understanding how to operate a speaker management system which is a fancy term for a DSP unit, is really not that difficult. Their functions are pretty straight forward. The hardest part is training your ear so you can distinguish what you like from what you don't like and that just takes practice.

The biggest take away from all of this in my opinion is to figure out how to get your room under control. Once you do, your audio possibilities pretty much become, endless.

If you want to take a deeper dive into some of this stuff send me a PM. I would be more that happy to help.

I have the same problem; only my speakers are Altec VOT's - big speakers small room. Room is slightly smaller than yours; I rationalize it by thinking I have the worlds largest set of headphones. Still sounds great but you don't need near as my power to become uncomfortable.

any suggestions?

I don't want you to have any health issue. So your wife's suggestion is the best 😊

Welcome letshearit ...

Dyns are an excellent choice for an all-arounder.  Location and treating the dedicated space to them is a great start.  IF you are on a learning curve, building around a beloved speaker choice, integrated amplification is a fine approach.  If digital source only, tubes somewhere is a must for me.  I ran similar sized, power hungry Salk Veracity loudspeakers for several years in my small, dedicated space, successfully.  

Upgrading (yes) to a smaller Revolution Be (more detail in my posts) loudspeaker and adding a Rythmik L12 sealed subwoofer while rolling off my Music Reference tube amplifier at 80Hz to the monitors provides tons of dynamics and musicality.  The EL84 tube 4some provide whopping thunder to the Be's, while retaining delicacy.  letshearit, I suspect adding a similar subwoofer approach to the Dynaudios would yield a similar result. 

Bon Chance and welcome to the worlds of even-order harmonics!  Find someone nearby with whom you are comfortable as an Advisor, then trust your ears and judgement.  It's a fun ride.     

More Peace, Pin                   (bold print for old eyes)