Overseas Pay Pal, your experiences.

Much to my surprise I have found myself doing a fair amount of buying and selling overseas. Most of my buying has been from companies and most of my selling has been to individuals. I have been warned that certain countries are to be avoided, what is your experience, opinion, or ideas on this?
Hi Stan,

You may already be aware of this, but for the benefit of anyone who isn't I'll mention that under absolutely no circumstances should you or anyone else deal with an individual overseas buyer who offers to pay you (or actually does pay you) with a bank check for an amount that is greater than what you are owed.

There is a long-standing and widespread scam in which an overseas buyer offers to purchase an item that is offered for sale on the internet, and pays with a bank check for greater than the sales amount, asking the seller to reimburse the excess. The check, of course, is counterfeit, but since the bank (or the alleged bank) is in a foreign country it takes a considerable amount of time for it to bounce. Meanwhile a sufficiently gullible seller will end up losing both the item and the amount refunded.

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I've sold to individuals in multiple countries in Europe and Asia and accepted paypal without a single issue.
Make sure they have good feedbacks and you should be okay. I have sold many items overseas and not once had any problem.
On Ebay and here an increasing and considerable amount of recent things I have sold have been to oversees and use of PayPal.

So far I have been OK. I have a couple of rules here:

*only sell to persons with feedbacks-
*members who have signed up for at least a few months-
*my biggest key--look if the member has submitted or answered discussion threads here, the rationale being, if someone is scamming, he likely would not be able to post something meaningful or related to high end audio-

Of course, only ship to someones PayPal Confirmed address.
PayPal actually covered an attempted chargeback from someone who claimed the item was never received. I simply submitted the tracking # proving it was sent and received.
So far ..... So good...... No problems .....But care and common sense must rule ....
Postive, but I do not ship until the funds fully clear in my account, which is most cases is 21 days.
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I've shipped many items overseas, mostly Asia and Europe. It seems more so lately, as the economy in the US continues to sag. No problems so far. I've only had Paypal (mostly) and wire transfers to date. As with all deals, domestic or overseas, it does help to address typical seller concerns.

i have done many overseas transactions with no trouble but i also have been scammed. about 4 or 5 months ago i sold an item to a member from russia. they paid via paypal and it turned out that they used a stolen crediit card. because i had already sent the item it was too late to stop delivery (it was out of the country when paypal notified me). paypal would not cover it with seller protection for a few reasons. one was the fact that there is not a true delivery confirmation with usps international and the other was some technicality on the address. the money (1500) was removed from my account and i lost the item as well. it still burns me up and i hate paypal because of it. they treated me as if i had done something wrong but they were the ones who took a stolen cc!

so anyway...be cautious. most often it is fine and there are so many good people on this site but sprinkled in are some scams too.
Haven't had any problems with PayPal from Britain, Italy, Columbia, or China, but I think PayPal fees to Canada were 4%, and be careful of Canadian provincial taxes charged back to you after stuff is delivered.
IMO the best way is to accept wire transfers only form int'l buyers. When the funds clear on your account, which usually takes 2-4 business days, it cannot be undone, unlike checks, paypal etc.