Owners of speakers by obscure companies chime in

Recently I discovered that there is a cottage industry out there producing some great speakers. Then I posted asking who are these companies and what speakers are they churning out. I was surprised at how many names popped up that I never heard of before. This time around we would like to hear from the owners and their experiences.
One last note, I beleive most of us realize how fortunate for us to have such a variety to choose from, only thing we need to figure out is how do we get to hear them?
Thanks in advance.
Bob Smith of SP Tech is a mad scientist genius. His speakers are the best kept secret on the planet, and some of that is not good. As DU said, he has a great following. Jim Merod, the well-published recording engineer/reviewer, has personally told me there are two speakers on this planet that he believes convey real music through their transducers, and the SP Tech Revelations are one of them! I won the opnly pair in the US to have the Ultimate Mundorf external crossover boxes to-date, and will get three addtl on Friday, a cnter channel Continuum AD with Ultimate external, and a pair of Continuum AD's with intermediate externals for my music surrounds. Yes, I've made a commitment. :>)
Penaudio Serenade could be the very best speakers you have "never" heard.Rated CLASS "A" by WP and JA yet not a word about these speakers on the "GON".They simply disappear when playing, have a very small imprint, deep and wide stage with full bodied sound.Penaudio is an obscure company.... and it shouldn't be.
Steve and Robert at Ridge Street Audio Design (RSAD) produce a great monitor speaker- the Sason Ltd. They do not advertise nationally, and do not have a dealer network. Word of mouth & candy-in-the-ear-and-eye is how they are sold.

After talking to Steve at length over the phone, he contacted a prior owner to see if I could visit for a listen. The proud owner generously invited me into his home. I stayed for hours. Although this is not the best way to audition, it certainly is effective and more personal than a sterile showroom presentation.

Steve worked closely with me during his hand building of the speakers, and included individual requests. This level of genuine service added a satisfying feeling to a traditionally sterile financial transaction.

BTW- Steve & Robert will be demonstrating their (elusive) Sason's at AKFest this year. I hope many folks get a listen & a look at these emotionally involving speakers.
by definition...given the continuous exposure on agon alone(threads,classifieds,advertising,and advertising/cheerleading threads)...'obscure' doesn't really apply to most of the speakers in this thread. 'cottage manufacturers' would.
I too own the RSAD Sason, and my audition process was identical to Rubinken above. I'm with Doubleugly in being open to the virtues of all products, but just as Double believes he'll never own anything other than SP Tech, I believe I'll never part with my Sasons.

As an aside, it's interesting that the same little town (LaPorte, IN) is apparently home to both SP Tech and RSAD. Wonder what's in the water (or the beer) up there?