Owning the speakers you dreamed of 20 years ago

Does speaker technology really change that much?  As I'm listening to my Klipsch Heresy's in a bedroom setup, I decided to look up to see what $3k or so could buy me today used and was shocked to see the speakers I used to drool over, when I was done looking at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition ;), were available for a quarter or less of the money.

Revel Ultima
Sonus Faber
JM Lab Mezzo 

And more, are all available to buy used.

Seriously these were speakers I would daydream about.  How do they sound today compared to a speaker that you would spend $3k on new or even a few years old?  How could these $10k speakers from a time I can still remember, really sound like a $3k speaker?  My Klipsch's remind me that speakers even older and cheaper are irreplaceable to me, so why wouldn't I spend $3k for one of my old heroes?

What am I missing here?

The funny thing I fell is there are still speakers for sale from 2001 .I bought a pair of Polk lsim707  which where listed at $3,995.i bought them 2 years ago for $1,200.They were returns one had scratch on back the other was missing a speaker screw. Both sound great.
The speakers of my dreams thirty years ago was the Apogee Duetta Sigs. They were the closest thing to sounding like real acoustic instruments and true vocals that I heard. They did then and I have little doubt that a properly restored pair (with an adequate amount of quality power and space) would sound as good as about anything on the market today, regardless of price........Jim
I think you have to challenge old speakers using new technology. When I play Santana's debut album CD through JBL L150As they sound amazing with palpable bass. The effect is not the same when I play the record (original pressing). 
The Rise and Maturation of the Tweeter Waveguid alone makes todays speakers much better...and thats just 1 part. Even all you guys old speakers with old lifespans like Klipsch Heritage, Tannoy, BBC monitors, Maggies,Ohms Quads, and JBL...the newer versions of those speaker are far far better, the parts are far more advanced and better with tighter tolerances. Are their great sounding old speakers sure it is....in the majority do they sound better than the  newer speakers Hell Naw....most newer budget speakers will walk all over most older midpriced speakers...time keeps marching on...
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