Oxidation on surface of cable under clear jacket

Wondered if anyone has had this problem.  I have a pair of “Oval” cables I was going to reintroduce into my system.  They’re 15 years old.  I noticed that green oxidation had formed over a length of the cable under the clear jacket.  Since there is shrink tubing over the spade connector, so I can’t tell if the oxidation has reached the connector.  Problem is the manufacturer’s warranty was over many years ago.  They weren’t inexpensive. Seems others have had the same issue.  I guess I’ll give them a call to see what can be done, but I’m not optimistic.  I do have another manufacturer’s cables I can use if this can’t be remedied.. Your thoughts?


I've had this a long time ago and I just tossed them

  • the green is oxidation and it impacts the sound.
  • it's because the insulation becomes porous over time
  • once that happens there is no repairing them

Replace them with Audio Envy cables

  • they will outperform many higher priced brands
  • provide very godo sound
  • are modestly priced
  • use great aulity copper (OCC)
  • Use great insulation - low Dielectric Constant

If you want better cables then try Zavfino

Regards - Steve

I also got green on Oval 9, after 10 years of operation, I noticed it.  after that he sold it.  Now it is in the Canare 4s11 system, I am more satisfied with it than Analysis-Plus oval 9.


I have a photo of him, I don't know how to post it here.  I haven't been here for a long time.

Do you live in a humid environment? I've used clear coated speaker wires for many years and have never seen such an issue, but I'm in southern Wisconsin where it is not terribly humid. 

No, I live in normal conditions.  This problem with greenery is not unique.  The manufacturer knows about it, so he changed the transparent insulation of the wires to opaque in new models.  The sound, as I know, is not reflected.  The problem is precisely in loose insulation and poor protection from the environment.  PVC insulation loses its tightness over time.