Oyaide Cables

Information on this cable brand was showing up in another thread, which is fine, but I figured this cable line deserves it's own thread.  I have very little experience with the brand so far as I have only had the Black Mamba V2 PC  in my system for about 200 plus hours and just installed the  TUNAMI GPX-R V2 PC last night.  I only need one PC for my system at this time as my Integrated amp has a DAC and my music streamer doesn't take after market PCs.    Firstly, the Black Mamba V2 PC is excellent.  I know audio is very system dependent, but in my system the BM V2 was the best PC I have had, it really made a noticeable difference.  It kind of gives you the  best of both words, good clarity and extension but at the same time the system is relaxed and natural sounding.  Very important if you have a lot of rock and pop and poorly produced material in your music collection.   The Tsunami GPX-R V2 PC improves upon the BM V2 in that the air and spacing is better, the stage is deeper and wider,  and the bass is still tight, but thicker.   I am thrilled with these PCs so I ordered the Tunami Nigo V2 speaker cables and those should be here soon.  I am very happen with the Western Electric 14 GA, but after hearing how good their PCs are, I just had to give the Oyaide SC a try.     Anyway, bottom line is I suspect it would be very hard to find a line of cables that sound this good at such affordable prices.  A Big thanks to Wig for letting me know about these PCs and Speaker cables and guiding me along.  
I'm glad my ebay seller made a mistake. I had originally ordered  two BM V2 cables from two different sellers and the first seller sent me a Tunami V2 on accident. I eventually received the other BM V2 I had ordered and it's been running for about 75 hrs now. The Tunami has around 130 hrs. So far I think I prefer the Tunami too but definitely need more time on them.

I also ordered a pair of Tunami Terzo interconnects to terminate with some Furutech connectors, hopefully they will arrive this coming week.
I have Tunami Terzo XLR V2, they sound good for their price. Very high resolution. However, on some challenging recordings, in very rare cases, it still exhibits some distortion found on certain tone of human voice and instruments. This is more obvious in low cost cables and the Oyaide already minimized a lot of this. Its not perfect but still very good.
I believe one gets a lot of bang for the buck with the Oyaide brand, not perfect but what do you expect for a moderately priced cable that one can purchase on eBay from Japan yet still pay less than buying it in the good old USA.

At one time I had an Oyaide silver digital cable and I thought it was very good and priced right.

I'm currently using one Black Mamba V2 power cable which I burned in on my cable cooker and it's a darn good sounding power cord that I have on a CJ preamp, as I mentioned in the other thread I thought the BM was a tad more refined and natural sounding than the Furutech SO22N power cord. Out of curiosity, I tried the BM to power my Plinius SA Reference amp, that did not turn out well :-(

I recently received a TUNAMI GPX-R V2 power cord which is burning in on my cable cooker as we speak, based on what you gentleman posted above I look forward to it being an improvement.

I don't mean to throw in a curve ball here or take the discussion away from Oyaide products but I want to pass on some information here that I came across by accident yesterday when aniwolfe was messaging me which caused me to try an experiment.

I forgot about the Core Power Technologies (CPT) newer and improved inexpensive Super Stroke power cord I had. This is a regular power cord (no balanced power) that is 76" long, 12 gauge wire I believe, 10/16 wide, flexible, and lighter in weight and more flexible than the TUNAMI GPX-R V2 power cord but heavier and less flexible than the BM. I'll have to do some continued listening and testing with the Super Stroke but a real eye opener at a cost less then the BM I think. If anyone else has a Super Stroke power cord, I'd be interested in your thoughts?
yeah, you never know how things are going to work together.  I tried a $1300.00 power cord on my power conditioner awhile back, it sounded flat and dull compared to a $700.00 PC that I had on it normally.   
Oyaide has created very good sounding cables with their latest SSC 102 techniques for a fraction of the cost of "Audiophile" cables which I have owned many.

I was so impressed with the Black Mamba V2 that I ordered the Tunami Terzo V2 IC, Tunami Nigo V2 SC and a Tunami V2 PC which I have burning-in at the moment and they all have been a positive step toward musicality, they really lay out the sound-stage in a very natural and organic way without being forward or intrusive.

My preference for any cable has always been copper verses silver, gold and the number of mixes readily available, copper just nails that rich sound without sounding thin or forward and with SSC 102, you have copper approaching the conductivity of silver and something welcomed by audio enthusiasts.

I have a full loom of Oyaide products totaling less than $1K that has met or exceeded cables costing 10X more...

Definitely give them a try to see if they work well for you in your system.

Wig :)
@wig, I have had a hard time understanding the difference in build between the Black Mamba V2 and the Yunami GPX V2. I have both of them and of course I realize that the Yunami is a heavier in weight and a stiffer power cord but do you or anyone else know the difference in build and materials used etc?
From my untrained eyes they look identical except the Tunami is just a heavier gauge.  

That's correct! Larger conductors with a maximum voltage rating of 30A verses the BM V2 20A.


I’ll let you know in a couple of weeks how the Tunami V2 compares to the BM V2, but can tell you from my initial listening session before burn-in is that it does go a little deeper and a slightly warmer midrange without sacrificing detail.


The TUNAMI GPX-R V2 PC is definitely warmer than the Black Mamba.  Even so, I found the Black Mamba easy on the ears even though it had good extension and clarity.  Like I mentioned, the Tunami  pretty much expands the stage and puts more space/air around and between the instruments.  The Tunami does not have the detail and clarity of the Black Mamba yet.  I have about 70 hours on the Tunami so far.  Not sure if it will improve from here or not.  

I have the speaker cable ordered, but it has not shipped yet.  Not sure wha the hold up is. 
It looks like the Tunami  V2 is a good bit different than the BM V2.

As far as the bulk cable goes, they both have the same type of wire (10 and 12 GA respectively), copper foil, drain wire, and outer jacket. That is about it.

The BM has spacer/damping rods and a paper tape layer.

The Tunami does not have the above.  It has an absorbing layer, and a carbon layer.

I have a finished Tunami GPX-R V2 on order.

Well, I guess the speaker cables are on back order.  Part of the reason I don't have them now is my fault, they had them in stock the day I ordered.  When you order from the Japanese place they make you confirm the order, but the confirmation email they send is really busy and in more than one language.  When placing the order, I check marked the payal circle, but the website does not take you to PayPal.  You have to wait to get the confirmation email.   I confirmed back, but didn't read the busy email saying I still needed to go to PayPal to pay for it.   So, it never shipped.  This is the only store I know of that doesn't take you to payal when you are ordering on the website.  Oh well.  
I bought two of their inexpensive USB cables that the Absolute Sound reviewed a while back. Excellent!
My only experience w/Oyaide cables has been truly excellent: I was using a Billy Jeans digital/coax cable for some time to connect the output of my S/PDIF converter (Musical Fidelity V-Link 192/24) to DAC (Audio GD NOS 19). I was happy with that, finding coax input to this DAC to sound better than USB or glass. 

Anyway, I heard about an Oyaide silver coax cable on one of the headphone boards (DR-510). It cost 5-6X what the BJ cables did, but I ordered one. Instant success. Heard subtle but unmistakable improvements--a little better bass; more articulate/refined sound overall w/better resolution; better treble. 

Wasn't aware they made power cables--just bought a used "Audio Art Power 1 Classic," which I'll wire into my system in a couple days. But based on my very positive experience w/Oyaide's coax/digital cable, I'd be inclined to try other of their cables...
Oyaide has nailed it with their latest techniques and hard to believe you can get this level of SQ for such a ridiculous low price and I've owned/own very expensive cables.

My DIY Tunami V2 with rhodium plugs should be fully burned-in and settled in another 7 days or so.

I've heard many say that the DR/DB-510 is 

Excellent thread.

@ desktopguy - was your new Oyaide coax a DIY or was it assembled a the factory? I'm looking to upgrade my coax connection.

Have 2m of the BM bulk cable on my workbench now. Awaiting delivery of a set the Oyaide 004 plugs. Intend to replace the old Signal Cable Magic PC on the new dac. On another Saturday evening will move the new PC to the AN Soro integrated and have an extended listen with the vinyl rig. *Very* much looking forward to both sessions.
A solid Company. 
I had been sitting on very old sennheiser hd 500 headphones. In an attempt to revive them  I invested in Oyaide hpc- silver headphone cables.  Imaging, detail, soundstage never sounded this good on these cans.
I have also enjoyed their Power distributor MTB 6 R1, and replaced two of my wall outlets( the ones I use for audio equipment) with Oyaide R1 outlets.  
I’ve never done cable shootouts or ABX testing of any cables but I have a set of the cheapest (green and white) Neo+ (D+) RCA + USB for my Serato SL3 output. The cables are very nice, almost impossible to do damage to with thick outer PVC and flat design, and moulded plugs. They are slim but fit well into my Xone 92 mixer. They also have good clearance for close female input plugs or being near other brand/thicker RCA connectors close by in adjacent inputs on the mixer (or for instance having a bigger connector to the phono and the Neo+ to the line input directly under it). The USB cable seems very solid and a good budget upgrade from a standard/stock USB 2 cable for a Serato DVS.

But.. has anyone compared the other Neo+ range? Considering it might be worth upgrading from the $25 to the $75 (class S) 1m USB cable, but not sure if it would bring much added benefit with Serato use. Regardless the budget entry range is great bang for buck. Also comes with a nice case: https://www.storedj.com.au/oyaide-neo-d-stereo-rca-class-b-cables-dj-set-1m

And has anyone any thoughts or ideas the differences or a comparison between the Neo+ and the audiophile ranges of RCA and USB products from Oyaide?

It is also good to hear positive reviews of their headphone upgrade cables - have been considering the HD25 upgrade cable from Oyaide but there are a BUNCH of different people making them. I would prefer a coiled cable if possible so still considering the Sennheiser stock coiled as well. And found this place: https://customcans.co.uk really have no idea who I should go to for a headphone upgrade cable. The Oyaide look nice but it seems to only be material and specs to compare from the website.
@ ozzy

I have compared the two and the BM V2 is much better across the board; unbelievable clarity and refinement within the soundstage...

Have any of you had the opportunity to try the Matrix power cord?
I'd really like to get my hands on one but right now I'm shelling out $225 per week (since November) for physical tharpy :-(
I've come to the conclusion that on my CJ preamp I prefer the Black Mamba over the Tunami, the Black Mamba just sounds more natural to me and lacks nothing. I still need to try the Tunami on my amp.

As I mentioned before the Super Stroke for only ($99) is a heck of a good power cord that I would rate right up there with the Black Mamba, Furutech SO22N, and an oldie but goodie that I also took out of retirement and tried on the CJ preamp, my Electraglide Epiphany X.
Don't count out any of those older power cords, they might really surprise you!

I just got the speaker cables.  My were already terminated with their banana plugs.  I take it white is to red and black is to black?  Or white is positive and black negative.  That is how I am going to hook them up anyway. 

Lak, interesting you prefer the Black Mamba over the Tunami.  I need to swap the Black Mamba back in for a direct comparison against the Tunami.  I will probably wait a few days before doing that so I can burn in the speaker cables. 

I just swapped the Black Mamba in for the Tunami for two different tracks. I’m starting to wonder if I prefer the Black Mamba too. The Tunami has things so spread out, a very expansive stage and a lot of space around the instruments, but the Black Mamba is tighter, more focused, and a little more cohesive. They both sound great, it just comes down to preference. So I’m just not sure right now. That will be a battle for another day. For now I have to make jumpers and install the OYAIDE TUNAMI II SP-B V2 speaker cables.
kclone it doesn't matter how you hook the speaker cables up as long as you do it the same on both amp and speaker end. I hope you like your new speaker cables!

Those Oyaide SC will sound open and transparent from the start and things will start to feel in within and beyond the sound-stage with sharp images; I think you will notice the speed of this cable upon install...

@ozzy - very much looking forward to your comparison of the BMV2 and the CTM power cords.
Has anyone had any problems with these fitting the IEC on equipment. A friend just got a Black Mamba V2 and was having some issues on different equipment having to push extra hard, worried about breaking? 

Put a thin blade type object inside and gently push on the IEC blades to push them apart. It worked for me.
I've had to use a bit more than normal pressure to install my Black Mamba and Tunami power cords.
Should not hurt a thing to try aniwolf's suggestion ;-)
@ozzy, you and I have similar tastes and over the years have used many of the same power cords so I'm very anxious to hear your thoughts on the Matrix power cord. My thought is it's going to be a keeper and excell over the Furutech DPS-4 etc.
Interesting thread.  I've been using PCs made by Audiosensibility.com who use high grade OCC cooper (They have a interesting story on how they have access to OCC cables).  Curiosity is getting the better of me,  can someone recommend a Tunami reseller on eBay?    Thx
Thanks Lak.

I was hoping to get the Matrix cables today but with the snow, it might be delayed.

Received the Terzo ic’s the other day and opted to terminate them with gold plated Furutech plugs. Have them burning in at work on a desktop system but so far I think I like them better than the duelund 20g with rhodium duelund plugs. I am interested in switching the rhodium plugs to the Terzo to see if it’s a little more detailed but not at the expense of being bright on these.

Curious to see what ozzy thinks of the Matrix pc’s. I’m too lazy to take mine off the tv and put back on the amp as I’m really digging what it’s doing for the picture quality. Got a Black Mamba v2 on the amp now and it sounds great.

@ t_ramey,

I also found my preassembled Tunami Terzo V2 to be much better sounding than my acclaimed Deulunds 20 Ga IC, it’s not even close in my system... Much more refined sound-staging, image localization, clarity, bass, depth and placement which makes the Deulunds sound splashy, slow  and veiled (low level detail) in comparison.



Is the premade Terzo V2  XLR or RCA?   

Regardless of which type it is, do the silver/rhodium phospour bronze connectors mate with the copper to provide a balanced sound? Or are things a little forward or tipped up?

@ maxima95

Mines are RCA, no brightness or forwardness at all and the cable really gets out of the way and allows a very developed sound-stage to appear unforced or pushed at you an any way; just very natural...


@kclone (or others), is there a preferred site to order these cables from?
And the Oyaide website warns about counterfeit products. How does one guard against that issue?
I have to say that after a very long and exhaustive search for a USB cable and after trying AudioQuest, WireWorld, Chord, etc. I stopped looking when I came across the Oyaide  NEO CLASS A. It's an incredible product that just makes your DAC perform properly. Organic, full bodied, sweet, harmonic, fast, you name it. It outperformed much more expensive cables and it's only $70. World class stuff.
@pokee1016   I'm happy to hear that the USB cable Neo d+ Series Class A by Oyaide performed so well for you. I've had good results with the Neo d+ A and S levels of cabling.

However, it would be very helpful to know which specific USB cables you compared it to (there are a wide range of cables within each brand, even for USB [and inclusive of Oyaide]), the context of your system, musical preferences, your specific front end/source, etc. etc. Thank You!
I decided that I prefer the Black Mamba on the CJ preamp (only place I was searching for a power cord) although the TUNAMI GPX V2 does sound very good and in my system better suited for other front-end components or amps. I thought it sounded very good on my Solid state amp, tube amps and class D amp. I’ll have to list it for sale as soon as I get around to it. I currently have the TUNAMI GPX V2 on my Audiodharma Cable Cooker for some additional break-in time.
lak and others,

Which Oyaide power cable would you recommend for a DAC or a hybrid integrated amp? Are the Oyaide cables better than the CPT Super Stroke, Furutech SO22N and Cerious Tech GE, but not quite as good as Cerious Matrix and Furutech DPS -4? Trying to decide on some new power cables. I have a Silnote Poseidon ES Reference PC on my Sony SACD but when connected to this PC the cabl actually moves the player out of position.Does anybody have experience with the Silnote PC cable for comparison to others in terms of performance?

Thanks everybody in advance!