I just replaced the plugs on my power cords with Oyaide. The difference in sound is startling. There is just so much more going on. The dynamics are oh so much more varied, and delicate. I don't get that distortion when I make it louder...it just easily gets louder. Great!!!
How is the Oyaide Tunami GPX wire attached to the C-O46 plugs--solder, crimp, screws? I'm obviously new to DIY, and I couldn't tell from the web site pictures.
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I have a 1.5 m length of Oyaide Tunami I bought from
VH Audio terminated with Oyaide p/c-004 plugs i also purchased there, you can see pics here;


The drop in noise floor was so dramatic I had to adjust my volume setting and panicked I had screwed up the attachment some how causing a drop in volume level somehow,lol.. It was a rather startling and obvious change from the
pre-fabbed stock cable I'd had. Mating it with their R1 may have had something to do with the overall success of the effort but I am very satisfied.
I have also been experimenting with Oyaide plugs and IECs -- replacing the stock plugs and IECs on the ends of Synergistic Research Master Couplers. The effect has been nothing short of astonishing especially with the P-004 and C-004. Resolution, dynamics, sound stage have all improved dramatically. I see that SR actually uses an Oyaide P-079 on the end of one or 2 of their high end cables. Actually I have found the P-79 veiled and constricted the sound and the P-004 opened everything up and took the veil off with the Master Couplers -- this was on a special purpose cable from a 100-volt amp to a step-down transformer. But I imagine Ted Denney at SR knows what he is doing with the cables he is terminating with Oyaide plugs. He is one of the most knowledgeable people in the high end audio business -- IMHO.