Ozzy is done



Unexpectedly long run, one of a kind. Still his time with Sabbath travels fast in time even heavy in nature. 

 I heard about this on the radio on the way to work this morning. Too much pain from back injury/surgeries is the reason he gives for not touring any more.  They did say on the radio that Ozzy would still perform some, just not on the road.

 Glad I got to see him a few years ago here in Syracuse. 7th row, center. He's a funny S.O.B. on stage sometimes. He broke out a fire hose and doused the first few rows with it, harmlessly of course. Twice.

 Rock on Oz!

The Black Sabbath the End live album and video is a great way to celebrate him. He was beyond excellent.

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The Original Black Sabbath - Symptom Of The Universe (1970-1978) ... in my humble opinion is a must have.