P.S. Audio Quintet? Worthwhile?

I'm hearing that this device would be beneficial for my system. I currently use a Tributary power bar with surge protection. Anyone have thoughts on what difference I could expect with a Quintet? I don't know much about power conditioning. Anything written on it seems to be from 2007 when it was released. This would be for the main system with Aerial speakers, Classe int. amp, Squeezebox Classic 3 and Wyred for Sound Dac 2. Appreciate your ideas.
Mrtennis wrote that the Duets enhance resolution by placing a bit more emphasis on the treble. This is what I heard from the Quintet too - and it drove me crazy. I thought it over-emphasized treble - making it somewhat etched sounding - while also de-emphasizing the midrange. I think some might consider it an improvement as it gives the impression of greater resolution. It did not last more than a few minutes in my main system because I thought it screwed the treble up too badly. I connected it to my home theater system to see if it would be more to my liking there and attempted to watch TV. Boy was that a painful experience. Voices sounded very grating. I got halfway through watching a football game before ripping it out.

I think it would be better to go with something that does less harm. Like maybe a Cryoparts or B-P-T power strip.
Good to know it's not only me - I found that the Duet boosted the treble as well. I'm demoing one now and, while I like what it does in other respects, I'm not sure I can live with the elevated high frequencies. On some CD's its nice - makes instruments sound more "alive" - but on others it makes the CD unlistenable!

Can others comment as to whether the Shunyata Hydra 2 is a better option if elevated high frequencies is my issue with the Duet?
My Duet did not make much of positive difference until I plugged it using JPS Labs Power AC+. I was using a Signal Cable earlier and I'm sure you just need a bigger cable to back it, no need for an AC+! As a result, it made mids sound bigger, gave depth the stage and somehow made the stage more solid. So, I feel invest in better cords before going the PLC route.
In my system, it made a very positive diference, it smoothed the sound giving a more refined presentation. I guess that the performance of the quintet depends on whether you have issues with the ac or not. I did.
I also have the duet and have to say it made a notable improvement in my system. If I have to describe the change, it made the silence between the notes quieter. I live in an old house and I also changed out my audio receptacles with the porter port cryo outlets. It was a pretty cheap upgrade that honestly made a difference.