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I recently was selling 2 of the same Krell equalizers. The first one sold about 3 weeks ago and the second one was sold about a week later. Fast forward to Thursday night. I received a call from the buyer of the second purchaser saying that he never received the shipment yet and asked if I had the tracking number. I was very surprised and found the receipt and asked him if he was from Washington as the receipt said. He said no he was in NJ were I live. That shipment should have been there in 2 days. I was now extremely confused. I now looked up the shipping on his purchase and sure enough it said his name but his address was showing Washington. I then looked up the information from the first buyer and the address was the same as the second buyer. I texted a pic of both purchases from him and the first buyer and told him AG had the wrong address down for your shipping address. I explained to him that his address was the same address as the first purchaser. He also went to look it up on AG and sure enough they had the wrong shipping address for him as the same as the first purchaser. Now he then checked his account page and it had his NJ address but his shipping address was showing Washington. Same as the first buyer. I then immediately called up the first buyer and explained the situation and he denied ever getting the second shipment. Now the tracking was showing that it was delivered to him on 2/6 and left at his front door. And no I didn’t get a signature required but if there was one time I should’ve was then. He was a Chinese guy and did sound very nervous and it did sound like he was lying to me. We both wrote emails to AG and they are looking into this very odd situation. I truly believe that it was not my or the second purchasers fault in this transaction / shipping. Also both purchase invoices are not the same numbers. They were 2 different listings, 2 different listings purchasers / I also paid 2 different selling fees when they sold. Now the first purchaser has a second unit for free. I am very upset over this as my record / buyer and seller are perfect. I also feel very bad for the second person and hate that the first purchaser is lying about not getting it. If he was honest we would ship it back to me as I would of paid shipping. Once again AG is saying it’s very ODD and looking into the this. Will keep posted.

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@steakster -- I know this is an aside from the OP, but I'm confused and interested.  You said:


Re: integrity. Years ago, my expensive preamp was stolen. It was sold on Audiogon at a dirt cheap price. The identical serial # was visible in the photos. I contacted the buyer and explained the situation. I offered to buy it back for what he paid - plus shipping. No loss for him. He refused. I was confounded by his obstinance. Fortunately, another Audiogon member suggested ’to let it go’ - before the stress did even more damage.

If it was your stolen Preamp being sold, and the Serial Numbers even matched, why was this even an issue?  You contact Law Enforcement who can identify the seller from a warrant issued to Audiogon which gives them the person's name and address.  If the stolen Preamp crossed state lines it is even further up the chain of illegality.  Why were you dealing with the person that bought the stolen Preamp and offering to buy it back from them?  Did you file a police report when it was stolen?  Did you have pictures of your gear and the Serial Numbers to prove ownership?  I'm trying to figure out if I missed something when reading your post -- I was skimming through the thread.


Thanks, and I'm sorry you had to go through that.  I have every piece of audio gear that I've ever owned since 1977 except for two items that were stolen during a home robbery in 1990, and to this day I wish I had 5 minutes alone with the hoodrats they caught.  My gear was never recovered -- a Dual 1219 turntable and a Kenwood KA-9100 Integrated Amp.  Neither piece is of great dollar value but they held big sentimental value to me because they were part of my first "big boy" stereo system.  I despise thieves.

Have you contacted PayPal yet to find out who exactly is able to add the shipping address to PayPal? I didn't think a third party such as Audiogon can do that, can they?

Hope this works out. Seller sends to buyer number two's PayPal address of record as required by PayPal. That address being the same as buyer number one.... that is so bizarre. I would wait until PayPal and AG provide input and finish looking into the situation before proceeding with any actions. 

Assuming the buyer didn’t enter the wrong address, which seems a good assumption, pretty clear he’s entitled to a refund from seller. Ultimately, this seems to be AG’s fault, but in all fairness, and I also think in law, that should be worked out between seller and AG, 

as the facts are explained, buyer had a right to delivery of the goods, and is the only party of the three involved that could have done nothing to make sure this didn’t happen. Not saying the seller is ultimately the one who should bear the loss, but between seller and buyer the buyer is entitled to a refund leaving seller with a claim against AG   at least that’s what my 40 years of practicing law tells me

This gets more and more confusing as I read it. So the latest response from the OP is now that somehow the second buyers PAYPAL verified address posted on the second buyers paypal account is actually the Washington address of the first buyer ? ? ? ? 


Not possible imo. I was starting to think it was possible that Agon somehow had the mistakenly given buyer number two buyer number one's address- but its just not possible nor plausible that Paypal has an incorrect address listed and verified for buyer number two that out of 200 mm accounts just happens to be buyer number one's. Sorry. So the most likely scenario os that somehow when the OP printed the shipping label for buyer number two he accidentally reprinted the shipping label for buyer number one. Some variation on this is most likely what really happened imo.